Custom Signs Kanata

Custom Signs KanataDo you need custom signs in Kanata? Signarama Kanata North can create any type of signage your require. Just visit our website and upload your artwork. You may also fill up our online form to request a quote. If you need some ideas, please browse our catalog and our online portfolio.

Having high quality custom signs made for your business in Kanata can be an excellent investment. Signs can help lead new customers to your store, especially if you have just recently opened. In fact, about 50-percent of new customers are able to learn about a new business because of an on-site sign. Not having appropriate signage for your establishment can make you lose customers, as 35-percent of passersby would no way of finding out about you.
Some studies found that changing or adding a sign can directly improve sales revenue. This trend is particularly evident in fast food establishments, which saw an average increase of 9.3-percent in sales when they added monument signs. Large pole signs, on the other hand, were found to contribute about 15.6-percent of increase in sales. Some retailers found that they were able to increase sales by up to 8.9-percent when they added two new directional signs. Creating a large custom sign for your business may improve your sales profits by up to 7.7-percent. In fact, one of the leading retailers in the US found that around 17-percent of their customers walk into their store because they saw a sign. Hence, custom signs can influence impulse buying.
Order custom signs from SAR Signs Kanata. We can manufacture a wide range of custom signage to suit your advertising needs. Get a free quote from this website or call 613-595-1414 to learn more. SAR Signs Kanata is a franchise of Signarama, so you can trust our expertise when it comes to making high-quality business signage.
Custom Signs Kanata

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