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Digital Window Display Screens

Digital Window Display Screens

Digital window display screens are the perfect way to increase traffic in your store. Customers engage with the visual medium intellectually and emotionally. Digital Glass helps customers take advantage of this powerful platform throughout Australia.

How can a window display help my business?

Potential customers travel by your storefront every day. They may have no idea what you sell or what deals are available, making them less inclined to enter or care about your products, services, and mission.

A window display serves as a call to action. People interact with the images and information you present. When something piques their interest, they become potential customers. Sales is a numbers game and every additional visitor is a chance to improve your bottom line.

Does video and imagery work?

Video and imagery are the most compelling calls to action available. Your name can convey what you sell but these displays show who you are and convince your next customer to make a purchase.

Videos work. Thirty-five percent of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video while thirty-three percent were driven to Amazon websites due to this medium.

How does a window display improve my bottom line?

Digital displays work in the same way as an online video advertisement People walking by your retail space engage with the advertising and are convinced to use your service or buy your product. These images work on an emotional and rational level to convince people.

These displays allow you to promote deals and sales as well. Many customers look for the best deal and not just who they feel offers the best product.

Can I save money with a digital window display?

A digital display avoids the costs of hiring a construction crew and print shop to create advertising material. Every time you hit upload on our intuitive and easy to use software, you avoid these expenses.

The general rule of thumb is to update your displays at least once a month or once every two weeks with a large marketing budget. Displays range from dozens to thousands of dollars to create. The savings with a digital monitor and a small graphic design expense are incalculable.

What is the cost of a digital display?

Digital displays rely on monitors to display your advertising. Every monitor adds to the cost of the initial installation. Large storefronts spend more than smaller retail spaces.

The average cost of installation is $26507.52. Since the average window display costs $2945.28, that is the cost of less than 10 traditional installations.

Where can I find a digital window display screens?

Digital Glass creates visual advertising solutions for any size storefront. We employ cutting edge and nearly invisible technology to give you an edge over the competition. Improve your bottom line with our easy to use software that allows your marketing material to update in near real time.

If you are interested in a digital display, we offer demonstrations. Get in contact with our experts today to schedule an appointment.

Digital Window Display Screens

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